Old Artist Doing Sketching

Born in 1933 in Singapore, Tan Choo Kuan was trained in Western Art at Singapore’s Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. A dedicated art teacher and prolific artist, Tan’s legacy was recognised in October 2005 with the Singapore Art Museum’s acquisition of 74 select sketches and drawings on paper completed between 1953 and 2005.In his 1979 catalogue Tan says: “I favour scenery sketching very much, so it does not matter to me even if someone thinks that sketching is a trivial form of art. I stick to a simple belief: I love it, I have to be always close to it.” In this drawing it is not clear whether the “old artist” sketching is Tan himself or if he is observing another artist at work. Either way it is wonderfully detailed narrative incorporating river warehouses, boats, Tan’s beloved trees and humour.