Police Heritage Trail

First Police Office
Old Hill St. Police Station
Former Central Police Station
Police Courts
Kreta Ayer Neighbourhood Police Post
Police Radio Division
Upper Barracks
Former Traffic Police Headquarters
Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters

The origins of the Singapore Police Force can be traced to Sir Stamford Raffles’ founding of Singapore as a British trading post. Formed with just 12 men in May 1820, the police force has grown from strength to strength, in tandem with the nation’s progress, keeping Singapore one of the safest cities in the world.

The Police Heritage Trail marks the Force’s contributions in policing this city state from its infancy to its rise to prominence as a highly developed nation. Starting from the first Police Office by the Singapore River, to key establishments in the civic district of Singapore, the trail reflects the developments in policing since the 1800s.

The sites and stories on the trail give us a glimpse into the complex interplay between justice and law, architecture and power. Far from serving functional roles as buildings, the sites are characterised by the unique communities that inhabited them.

We invite you to explore the trail to discover the Force’s rich policing history.