Hougang Heritage Trail - Institutions of Service

Phoh Kiu Siang T'Ng
Ramakrishna Mission (2)
The Serangoon Khiung Jai Co-Villagers Association
Tua Jia Kar
Zi Yun Kai Ji Gong
Neo Kian Guan Confectionery & Cakes

Hougang is home to several establishments and places that have been set up to serve the various communities in the area. This trail brings you on a tour of the different establishments and places in Hougang to explore how they catered to the needs of communities.

From National Monuments to memories of diverse communities who call Hougang home, these three thematic trails are designed to bring you on a journey of discovery. Explore Hougang beyond its modern housing estates, trace its stories through its built heritage, and get to know how it transformed from kampongs into the suburb it is today.

Explore the Suggested Short Trail Routes:


Hougang Heritage Trail Booklet
Hougang Heritage Trail Map - English
Hougang Heritage Trail Map - Chinese
Hougang Heritage Trail Map - Malay
Hougang Heritage Trail Map - Tamil

Hougang Heritage Trail Markers - Chinese
Hougang Heritage Trail Markers - Malay
Hougang Heritage Trail Markers - Tamil

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