Queenstown Baptist Church


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Queenstown Baptist Church is one of the nine churches in Queenstown. The old chapel was dedicated on 3 August 1958. The Church comprised a main sanctuary which could accommodate 120 worshippers, a pastor quarter and an administrative office.

Queenstown Baptist Church first started as a Sunday school in 1955 when Lora Clement, a missionary from the Southern Baptist Convention of the United States of America, held services in Cantonese and English at her home in Barbary Walk. In 1956, the Sunday school was moved to Birkhall Primary School. In 1958, the Malaya Baptist Mission of the Foreign Board, an affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention, purchased a plot from the Singapore Improvement Trust to construct the chapel. The Church was organised with 33 charter members in 1962.

The Church underwent major renovations in 1981 and 1992 to cater to its growing congregation. In 2011, the old chapel was demolished to facilitate the construction of a new building which could house two 600-seater worship halls and 19 classrooms.