Yong He Eating House

Snacks and Soya Bean on Geylang Food Trail
486 Geylang Road, Junction of Lorong 24A Geylang
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Yong He Eating House serves up a stable of Taiwanese favourites including tau huay (soya beancurd) and you tiao (deep-fried dough fritters).

The sweet beancurd is served with an optional topping of boiled peanuts, which makes for a nice crunch. You tiao sticks are hot and crispy-- perfect for dipping into bowls and glasses of soya bean milk.

There are some new additions, including xiao long bao (mini meat dumplings) and you tiao with pork floss wrapped in glutinous rice.

The all-time favourite is still the traditional toasted biscuit with pork floss and omelette, which is very satisfying when washed down with a hot drink.

Yong He Eating House
Tel: 6745 5682
Opening hours: 24 hours daily