Flats with lighthouse facade


Flats with lighthouse facade
141 Pasir Ris Street 11, Singapore 510141
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Developed in an era when the HDB was heightening its focus on distinctive visual identities for each town as well as between the neighbourhood precincts, the design and architecture of Pasir Ris took inspiration from its history as a seaside resort. In contrast to the standardised designs of earlier decades when the emphasis was on quantity to ease the housing crunch, HDB architects were given rein to explore the seaside theme in Pasir Ris, as well as incorporate designs from local cultures, paired with modern and tropical architectural expressions through the use of varied building materials and designs.

The seaside resort theme is expressed in the form of architectural details on HDB blocks. These include lighthouse-shaped turrets formed by columns of balconies and grille patterns inspired by traditional tropical basket-weaving designs. The facades of buildings in the town also bear other maritime themes. For example, void decks and precinct boundary walls feature porthole-shaped openings, and flat windows and balconies are framed within clam-shaped openings.

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