Sarimbun Beach Landing


Sarimbun Beach Landing
Jalan Bahtera Beach
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Following the loss of Malaya to the Japanese, northwestern Singapore became the initial battleground between the Allied Army and the Japanese and this was one of the sites in the battle for Singapore.

The 22nd Australian Brigade had to cover the northwestern coastline but were overwhelmed by the Japanese forces within two hours of the attack due to the latter's numerical superiority. The gaps in their defences were to prove fatal during the invasion.

On the night of 8 February 1942 at around 10:30pm, the Japanese launched their invasion from concealed positions up the Skudai and Melayu Rivers of Johore. Under the cover of darkness and using assault boats and barges, the 5th Division crossed the Straits of Johore. They landed on the coastline between Lim Chu Kang Road and Sarimbun Beach.

As the Australian artillery and searchlight units failed to react, only the first wave of the invasion was repelled. However the numerical superiority of the Japanese forces were either wiped out on the beaches or retreating to new defence lines.