Bukit Timah Heritage Trail

Most Singaporeans today would associate Bukit Timah with its eponymous hill or the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. While the area’s natural heritage no doubt defines Bukit Timah in the public consciousness, there is nevertheless much more to this area than the lush greenery that meets the eye.

Older generations of Singaporeans may remember the idyllic villages of Kampong Tempe, Kampong Chantek, Kampong Racecourse and Bukit Timah Village. Some, on the other hand, may recall the valiant battles fought in Bukit Timah just days before the fall of Singapore on 15 February 1942.

Yet, there are others who associate Bukit Timah with the vibrancy of the Beauty World entertainment and shopping area, or trips across the Causeway via the Singapore-Johor Railway. There are also many schools in this area such as the former Raffles College (now the National University of Singapore) and National Junior College which possess long and illustrious histories, and have played important roles in the development of Singapore. Through the Bukit Timah Heritage Trail, you can learn more about the area’s history, beginning from the early 1800s when early settlers established plantations, to the nascent development of former industries in the 1950s and finally to the emergence of wellloved places such as Adam Food Centre and Coronation Plaza in later decades.

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Explore Bukit Timah Heritage Trails

Bukit Timah Railway

Bukit Timah Heritage Trail - Kampong Life Trail

Buildings and institutions that were once part of Bukit Timah’s kampong past can still be found in the area today. This trail features a former railway station as well as houses of faith that were once central to the religious and social lives of kampong residents and now serve the same function for their respective congregations.

Bukit Timah Railway

Bukit Timah Heritage Trail - WWII Legacy Trail

This trail explores WWII-related sites as well as places that carry the memories and legacies of the Japanese Occupation.

Botanic Gardens

Bukit Timah Heritage Trail - Learning and Leisure Trail

This trail covers some of these landmarks including popular eating destinations, Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as vital centres of research and education.