Wayang Stage


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The wayang stage was an important part of Pulau Ubin social life in the past. For decades, street opera or wayang performances at the stage were the island’s only form of entertainment. The stage started off as a small hut with a basic wooden stage. In 1971, the wayang stage was completely rebuilt and is now the stage that stands opposite the Tua Pek Kong Temple today. The present stage is three times the size of the original stage.

Education and the Wayang Stage

In the 1960s when there were insufficient classrooms in Bin Kiang School, two classes had their lessons on the stage, partitioned by a cloth. Whenever there were wayang performances, the students from these classes would be exempted from school.

Evolution of the Wayang Stage

The present wayang stage was built in 1971 and is three times the size of the original stage. It is rectangular in shape and faces the Tua Pek Kong sub-temple in Pulau Ubin's main village.