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Pekan Quarry is one of Pulau Ubin's oldest quarries. It only ceased operations in 1970. The well at Pekan Quarry is also the oldest in Pulau Ubin.

In the 1850s, the British colonial administration established large-scale quarrying operations on Pulau Ubin. Pekan Quarry started life as Municipal Quarry No. 1. Granite extracted from Pulau Ubin's quarries was used in the construction of Horsburgh Lighthouse on Pedra Branca, Raffles Lighthouse, Fort Canning and the Singapore-Johore Causeway.

Uses of Pekan Quarry

Granite from Pekan Quarry and other Pulau Ubin quarries was used for the construction of Horsburgh and Raffles Lighthouses, the Causeway and Fort Canning and its reservoir.

Current Status of Pekan Quarry

After the closure of Pekan Quarry, its two quarry pits were merged to form a scenic lake. Lush greenery and thick vegetation surround the site, which has now become a scenic spot for Pulau Ubin visitors to appreciate the former quarry's natural beauty.