Labrador Battery


Labrador Battery
Labrador Park, Singapore 119187
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Labrador Battery (now part of Labrador Park) was under Faber Fire Command. It had a pair of 6-inch guns and was manned by gunners from the 7th Coast Artillery Regiment. This was a multi-ethnic unit. Local Malays operated the searchlights, Indians operated the guns, and British artillery regulars served as the Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and officers. The Indians and British were from the Hong Kong and Singapore Battalion, Royal Artillery (HKSRA).

Together with Siloso Battery, it sank a Japanese ammunition vessel travelling west on 12 February 1942. The next day, it fired on Japanese soldiers coming from West Coast Road and Jurong River, and also aided the Malay Regiment in its heroic fight on Pasir Panjang Ridge. The guns of the battery were later destroyed to deny their use by the Japanese.