Jacket, shirt, trousers

Returning to her ancestral roots, Cara Chiang reflects on the changing skyscapes that migrants, including her forefathers, encountered while journeying to Singapore in search of a better life. She created the sky prints on the shirt by turning her photographs of Singapore skies into computer code then infusing imagined journal entries of her forebearers into the code. The corrupted files produced the organic glitches and colours of the design. This capsule collection thus creatively links disparate sources of personal history, nature photography, and computer techniques in imagining modern Singaporean menswear. CYC is a family business founded by Cara Chiang’s Shanghainese great-grandparents, Mr Chiang Yick Ching and his wife Mdm Foo Ah Neok. Since opening its first shop on Hill Street in Singapore in 1935, the made-to-measure brand has dressed dignitaries and business leaders, and is known especially for their well-tailored menswear.