Photograph of Reverend Eric Cordingly in St George's Church

This photograph shows Reverend Eric Cordingly at the altar of St George's Church in Changi. He was a military chaplain with the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, and was present at the evacuation of Dunkirk before being posted to Singapore days before the fall. St George's Church was started by Cordingly immediately after his imprisonment in Changi, and there were four versions of the church built during the war. Three of them were built in Changi and one was built in Kanburi, Thailand, when Cordingly was sent to work on the Thai-Burma Railway. In all versions of the Church, the Changi Cross - made by Sergeant Harry Stogden from a 4.5 Howitzer shell case - was placed at the altar.The photograph was taken by Stogden in the first version of St George's Church. The cross can be seen behind Cordingly.