Chua Boon Kee (b.1953, Singapore) graduated from Baharuddin Vocational Institute in 1973. He studied under the tutelage of the late sculptor Tan Teng Kee and had a major in Applied Sculpture there. Shortly after graduation, Chua began working in Industrial and Maritime Engineering Projects, where he learnt the technicalities of welding methods used in shipbuilding, the physics and mechanics of steel structures amongst many other concepts and practical applications. These acquired ways and the teachings of Tan Teng Kee became a fundamental grounding for Chua's sculptural practice and his later experimentations in materiality of sculpture and modern aesthetics.Eagle is a deconstructed representation of the bird. stylistically, it bears resemblance to a public sculpture by Chua's teacher, the late Tan Teng Kee, titled "Endless Flow", which now sits on the lawn between YMCA Dhoby Guat and a Singapore Management University campus building.