Teapot in the form of a ginger root

This teapot has been modelled as a tall piece of ginger growing from the earth. The seals on the cover indicate that the teapot is a collaborative effort by Lu Wenxia 陆文霞 (b. 1966) and her husband, sculptor Lu Jianxing 卢剑星 (b. 1958). The skill of the potters is evident in the highly realistic manner in which the shape and texture of the ginger is rendered. It also reflects the innovativeness of Yixing potters who challenge the norms of how a teapot should look like with their whimsical creations. The county of Yixing, located in Jiangsu province, is known as the "Pottery Capital" of China. The hills around Yixing are endowed with rich clay deposits. The high malleability of this fine-grained clay enabled Yixing potters to create all kinds of ceramic designs and forms, as attested by this quirky teapot.