SIA ground staff uniform

This three-piece uniform belonged to a former Singapore Airlines ground hostess. It consists of a turquoise A-line skirt that was coordinated with a short-sleeve collared blouse with a narrow bow in batik print design. The uniform was designed by French couturier Pierre Balmain, and was first unveiled in 1968 when Singapore Airlines was still part of Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). Balmain’s choice of batik print for the uniforms of both cabin crew and ground staff was a means for SIA to assert Malayan identity and hospitality. The batik print design consists of brightly-coloured floral motifs and a colourful border resembling the sawtooth motif that runs along the edges of these uniforms. A label stating the name of the tailor for this uniform, “Lilian’s 108-A Orchard Road, Tel: 377626” in on the jacket and blouse.