Rambutan Tree, Jalan Kelawar

Rambutan Tree, Jalan KelawarGoh Yue Yun, 53, nature lover“This rambutan tree was in my garden for as long as I remember. I used to climb it, playhouse with my neighbour under it, have picnics. My late mother used to fertilise the treewith her diluted urine. The tree fruits twice a year. Back then it yielded the best kind oframbutan: very sweet, and the skin of the seed came off with the flesh. Now there aren’tas many fruits.Over the years, I’ve seen a blue-crowned hanging parrot coming to eat the fruit. Sundawoodpeckers came a few years ago to make nests: I heard the chicks. Pigeons alsoroosted here, whole families huddling together at night, sleeping shoulder to shoulder.The tree has been trimmed now and then, but it still provides shade to my room on thesecond floor. It filters out the morning sun.”