Lung Chui Ying Collection: Photographs, Printed Images, Pamphlets and Clippings collected by Lung Chui Ying龍朝英收藏

These photographs, printed images, pamphlets and clippings belong to Lung Chui Ying and is part of a larger collection related to the World War II underground resistance movement known as Force 136. The collection of materials was gathered by Tan Chong Tee (1916- 2012), who was a key member of this resistance group. The collection consists of original materials belonging to Tan and other members of Force 136 dating from the 1940s to new materials reproduced from memory by Tan Chong Tee, which date from the mid-1990s to early 2000s. Force 136 was set up in July 1942 as part of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE). It recruited and trained local guerillas to gather intelligence and create an underground spy network to support planned British invasion of Japanese-occupied Malaya.Lung Chui Ying was a Hainanese born in Johor and recruited as a Force 136 member to fight against the Japanese in Malaya.