Raffles Primary School

Like many second-generation Singapore artists, Ang Ah Tee produced a large body of works, featuring local sceneries and surroundings such as the Singapore river and Chinatown. He has eventually managed to stand out from his contemporaries, as his unique painterly language which goes beyond naturalistic representation enables the viewer to visualise the emotional engagements of the artist with the painted scenes. This work was produced during his early endeavour in search of views and scenes from the daily life and local context and to transform them into pictorial images. The artist had been conscious of developing stylistic rhetoric – through the control of tonalities, the textures of pigments and the effect of brushstrokes – in order to characterise the sites, space and time which were he perceived with high familiarity and emotional attachments. In 1971, Raffles Primary School was located at Queens Street. It was a very popular school. Ang was captivated by the landscape in the compound, capturing the beauty of this scenery with Van Gogh-inspired brushstrokes and color palette.