Cup with incised floral medallion

Chinese green ceramics such as this lobed bowl from the Tang Shipwreck are called celadons (青瓷) and were highly prized by foreign clients, and they have been found in many sites in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Green-glazed stoneware was a specialty of southern China. The finest works (from the Yue kilns in Zhejiang province) were compared to jade. This was not only because of their colour, but also because they made a ringing tone when struck. The Yue kilns produced only a limited number of high-quality celadons. Other kilns attempted to copy these green wares, but the results were rougher. Only a few large bowls were found in the shipwreck, and they may have been made to suit Middle Eastern communal dining habits. The Tang Shipwreck was a 9th century vessel that was en route from China back to the Middle East when it sank off the coast of Belitung Island in the Java Sea.