The Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) police boat, ‘PB5-PSA’, in Keppel Harbour

Police boats such as ‘PB5-PSA’ were employed by the Port of Singapore Authority for conducting patrols and checks on vessels anchored along the wharves in the port areas.At the southern tip of mainland Singapore is a deep harbour first noticed by Sir William Farquhar in 1819. Later referred to simply as New Harbour, major development of the area started in the 1850s when the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) established operations there. In 1900, the strategically important harbour was renamed Keppel Harbour in honour of Admiral Henry Keppel, a British naval officer with strong ties to Singapore. The Port of Singapore Authority’s Keppel Terminal began operations next to the harbour in 1991 and has since become one of the world’s busiest container terminals.