Dunlop Street

Dunlop Street is a one-way lane situated in the Little India district that links Jalan Besar Road to Serangoon Road. The street was originally known as Rangsamy Road before it got its present name in the 1870s. Opinion remains divided on who the street was named after: one view holds that the street was named in honour of Colonel Samuel Dunlop, who served as the Inspector-General of Police in the Straits Settlements in 1875 and as a member of the Municipal Commission in 1887; another view is that the street was named after A. E. Dunlop, Secretary of the Race Course Committee in the Serangoon area. A prominent landmark located along the street is the Abdul Gaffoor Mosque, also known as the Dunlop Street Mosque and Indian Mosque. The site of the mosque was originally occupied by the Al-Abrar Mosque, which was a simple wooden structure with a tiled roof built in the mid 19th century. The construction of a new mosque to replace the old one began in 1907 and was funded by the Dunlop Street Mosque Endowment. The old mosque was demolished in 1910 to make way for the new brick structure, which was completed in 1927 and named after Shaik Abdul Gaffoor bin Shaik Hyder, a mosque trustee. The design of the new yellow-and-green structure was a blend of Saracenic and Roman architecture styles, with the highlight being an elaborate sundial located above its main door. Gazetted as a national monument in 1979, the mosque was restored to its former glory in 2003 and continues to function as a place of worship for South Indian Muslims.