Javanese-style gold jewellery discovered at Bukit Larangan (Fort Canning Hill)

These are Javanese-style gold jewellery found at Bukit Larangan. The armlet bears a repousse plaque of the Javanese kala, which traditionally adorns the top of main entrances of temples, and are still found in many parts of Indonesia. The rings each with socket joint and wire hinge are set with diamonds. These were found at Fort Canning Hill in 1928 by labourers excavating for a reservoir. The site engineer recorded that the ornaments were lying just beneath the top of the pre-colonial soil strata, indicating their existence before the British arrived in 1819. These East Javanese style of these solid gold ornaments is a reminder that in the 14th century, the island of Singapore was under the political and cultural ambit of the East Java-based kingdom of Majapahit.