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  • Jubilee Walk

    Jubilee Walk

    The Jubilee Walk is an eight-kilometre trail that connects the past, present and future elements of the Singapore story, from ancient Temasek to the colonial era, to nationhood, rapid urban development and beyond.

    Architecture, Culture & Community, Lifestyle, Nature, War, Art, National History
  • Heritage Schools Trail

    Former Tao Nan School

    Remember the times we ran down the school corridor? Played hopscotch at the school canteen? Waited at the gate for mum to bring us home? For many of us, the schools that we grew up in are part of our childhood memories. They are places where we were educated, introduced to life beyond our family, and met teachers and classmates that influenced our lives.

    Culture & Community, Architecture
  • Singapore River Walk

    Singapore River Walk

    Since 1819, when modern Singapore was founded, the Singapore River has served as an artery of international commerce that drew people from all over the region to work, trade and seek their fortunes on this island. Today, after a major clean-up that ended in 1983, the river continues to bustle with life, flowing past modern skyscrapers and historic buildings.

    Architecture, Culture & Community, Lifestyle, National History, Art
  • Toa Payoh Trail

    Toa Payoh Dragon Playground

    Toa Payoh is the archetypical grandaddy of public housing towns in Singapore. It is the first town designed and developed entirely by the Housing and Development Board. There are many "firsts" in Toa Payoh such as the first Residents' Association and the first Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station to be built in Singapore, just to name a few. Join us as we embark on this trail that covers nine significant heritage sites and uncover the unique story of Toa Payoh!

    Healthcare, Culture & Community, Architecture, National History, Nature
  • Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail

    Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail

    Tiong Bahru Road today stretches for more than three kilometres from Redhill MRT at its western end to Outram Road on its eastern end. For most Singaporeans, Tiong Bahru is a small, charming and chic housing estate awash with good eateries and eclectic little shops. But there is much more to Tiong Bahru than meets the eye, as this heritage trail shows.

    Culture & Community, Architecture, National History
  • Kampong Glam Heritage Trail 1

    Masjid Sultan 2

    This trail takes you through the meandering, bustling streets of Kampong Glam's conserved area, covering Arab Street, Beach Road, Jalan Sultan and Victoria Street. Start at the Malay Heritage Centre, formerly the residence of Malay sultans and their families, and follow the trail thereafter to find out what life used to be like in Kampong Glam, from its culture and communities to its trades and crafts.

    Culture & Community, Architecture, National History
  • Jalan Besar Heritage Trail

    Jalan Besar Heritage Trail Cover

    The Jalan Besar Heritage Trail is a tale of two former swamps. First, we trace the urban development of a floodplain that once existed on the north bank of the Rochor River. Next, we chart the stories of the communities and cultures that sprung up around the muddy basin of Singapore’s longest waterway, the Kallang River.

    Culture & Community, National History, Architecture
  • Queenstown Heritage Trail

    Colonial Terraces at Jalan Hang Jebat

    My Queenstown Heritage Trail recounts the story of Queenstown and visits the iconic landmarks which define the Queenstown skyline for the past 60 years. As the first satellite estate, the trail also tells you about the evolution of public housing in Singapore through personal stories of older residents.

    Culture & Community, Architecture, Healthcare, National History, War, Defence
  • Kampong Glam Trail

    Istana Kampong Gelam

    This Malay Historic District used to be and still is the hub of the Muslim community today. It was gazetted as a Conservation Area in 1989. Most of the buildings here are shophouses, the majority of which have remained intact over the years, retaining with them the rich culture and history of yesteryears. The shophouse is one of the most significant building types in Singapore’s architectural heritage, reflecting much of the island’s history and development.

    Culture & Community, Architecture, Lifestyle
  • Little India Heritage Trail - Walk of Faiths

    Sri Vadapthira Temple 3

    This trail provides insights into different religious spaces, architecture and practices found in Singapore.

    National History, Culture & Community, Lifestyle, Architecture, Community & Religious
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