Ubin Experience Tour

This new tour of Pulau Ubin has been developed by the National Heritage Board in conjunction with the Singapore HeritageFest 2016. This brochure guides visitors on a self-facilitated tour of the little-known sites on the island. This tour will take approximately two hours on bicycle.

Pulau Ubin lies on the Straits of Johor off the Northeasterncoast of the main island of Singapore.It was essentially made up of five smaller islandsconnected by mangrove swamps. The swamps werelater drained, resulting in one continuous island.In the 16th to 17th century, the island was under thecontrol of the Johor-Riau Empire and the earliestinhabitants were the Orang Laut and indigenousMalay with Bugis and Javanese origins. The BritishEast India Company claimed Pulau Ubin (thencalled Pulo Obin) in 1825 when John Crawfurd,Singapore’s second British Resident, led anexpedition to the island from Singapore. Pulau Ubinwas later described as an important island thatcommanded the entrance of the “highway for allvessels trading to China and the far east”.

Download the Pulau Ubin Experience Self-guided Tour Brochure.

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