Singapore River Walk

Estimated trail distance: 2.8 km

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Collyer Quay (Clifford Pier)

Collyer Quay (Customs House)

Cavenagh Bridge

Raffles Place (Change Alley)

Raffles Place (Market Street)

Raffles Place (Masjid Moulana)

Boat Quay

Elgin Bridge

Coleman Bridge

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay (River House)

Clarke Quay (The Cannery)

Clarke Quay (Whampoa's Ice House)

Read Bridge

Former Thong Chai Medical Institution

Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka

Tan Si Chong Su

Clemenceau Bridge

Ord Bridge

Robertson Quay

Alkaff Bridge

Singapore River Walk

45 loved this Trail

Estimated trail distance: 2.8 km

  1. Collyer Quay (Clifford Pier)
  2. Collyer Quay (Customs House)
  3. Cavenagh Bridge
  4. Raffles Place (Change Alley)
  5. Raffles Place (Market Street)
  6. Raffles Place (Masjid Moulana)
  7. Boat Quay
  8. Elgin Bridge
  9. Coleman Bridge
  10. Clarke Quay
  11. Clarke Quay (River House)
  12. Clarke Quay (The Cannery)
  13. Clarke Quay (Whampoa's Ice House)
  14. Read Bridge
  15. Former Thong Chai Medical Institution
  16. Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka
  17. Tan Si Chong Su
  18. Clemenceau Bridge
  19. Ord Bridge
  20. Robertson Quay
  21. Alkaff Bridge

Since 1819, when modern Singapore was founded, the Singapore River has served as an artery of international commerce that drew people from all over the region to work, trade and seek their fortunes on this island. Today, after a major clean-up that ended in 1983, the river continues to bustle with life, flowing past modern skyscrapers and historic buildings.

Architecture, Culture & Community, Lifestyle, National History, Art
Organised by
National Heritage Board
Number of points
Estimated trail distance
2.8 km

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The Singapore River Walk traces the development of the Singapore River spanning from Collyer Quay to Robertson Quay, focusing on the contributions of the river towards Singapore’s mercantile development through the various communities who lived and worked by the river, as well as the spectacular architecture and social history of the bridges that criss-cross the river, functioning as arteries of commerce, facilitating the movement of people and goods across the river at various junctures.

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