Civic District Public Art Trail

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The River Merchants


First Generation

24 Hours in Singapore

“创” Chuan

The Rising Moon


Happy Family of Five

Makan Angin

Civic District Public Art Trail

6 loved this Trail

  1. The River Merchants
  2. Kucinta
  3. First Generation
  4. 24 Hours in Singapore
  5. “创” Chuan
  6. The Rising Moon
  7. Seeds
  8. Happy Family of Five
  9. Makan Angin
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National Arts Council
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In celebration of SG50, the Public Art Trust (PAT) initiated an open call in 2014to appoint Singapore artists to commission three ambitious, imaginative andmeaningful public artworks for three prominent sites along the Jubilee Walkroute. The Jubilee Walk is a commemorative walking trail through iconiclocations within the civic district and Marina Bay area.

Launched in November 2015, it connects past, present and future elements ofthe Singapore Story together. This is the social walking tour of the Public ArtTrust’s Civic District Public Art Trail, taking in some of the city's finest publicart. From sculptures that remind listeners about Singapore's history andheritage, to an interactive audio installation, or a gravity-defying rain cloud,there's enough to prove that Singapore does indeed have a flourishing arts scene.