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Singapore Youth Festival Opening Ceremony 1988


Self Determination - The path towards independence

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Singapore officially became an independent state on 9 August 1965. Our journey towards independence began to pick up steam due to events that affected Singapore both globally and regionally.

World War II was A Time to remember, especially for those who survived the Japanese occupation of Singapore. The tenacity and resilience of the survivors enabled them to live through one of the darkest periods of our nation’s history. It is also this determination which sees us on a new trajectory from 45-65: Liberation, Unrest... A New Nation, a city in a garden and home, from Singapore to Singaporeans.


World War II

Learn how Singapore, despite being dubbed by newspapers as a “Gibraltar of the East”, fell to the Japanese during World War II.


A Time to remember

Be inspired by the stories of four survivors who lived through the war to get a glimpse of life during the Japanese Occupation.


45-65: Liberation, Unrest… A New Nation

Explore Singapore’s tumultuous 20-year journey towards independence following the end of World War II.


We Built a Nation

Following our separation from Malaysia, our first generation of leaders managed to build up our Nation despite facing long odds.

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BALIKSG - Reflections of Singapore

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