Former Queenstown Driving Test Centre
Church of the Good Shepherd
Former Forfar House
Princess House
Queenstown Secondary School
Former Thye Hong Biscuit and Confectionery Factory
Jamek Queenstown Mosque
Lee Kong Chian Garden School
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Queenstown Public Library
Former Queenstown Polyclinic
Former Commonwealth Avenue Wet Market
Former Venus Golden City Theatres
Mujahiddin Mosque
Former Baharuddin Vocational Institute
The First HDB Blocks and the HDB Terraces
Queenstown Sports Complex
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Tiong Ghee Temple
The First Point Blocks
Butterfly Block and Stirling View Estate
Archipelago Brewery Company
Queenstown Shopping Centre
Alexandra Hospital
Alexandra Fire Station & Queenstown Neighbourhood Police Centre
Hang Jebat Mosque
Colonial Terraces at Jalan Hang Jebat
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Former Malayan Railways
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Sri Muneeswaran Temple
Tanglin Halt Neighbourhood Centre
Former Tanglin Halt Industrial Estate
Faith Methodist Church
The First Flatted Factory
Shuang Long Shan Wu Shu Memorial Hall
The VIP Block
Ridout Tea Garden
Commonwealth Crescent Neighbourhood Centre
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The Queenstown Heritage Trail was produced by My Community, with the support of the National Heritage Board

My Queenstown Heritage Trail recounts the story of Queenstown and visits the iconic landmarks which define the Queenstown skyline for the past 60 years. As the first satellite estate, the trail also tells you about the evolution of public housing in Singapore through personal stories of older residents.

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