Toa Payoh Heritage Trail – Of Faiths & Beliefs

Completed in 1909, Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery is the oldest Buddhist monastery in Singapore and includes the Hall of Celestial Kings and Mahavira Hall, which were collectively gazetted as a National Monument in 1980. The monastery compound also houses Shuang Lin Cheng Huang Temple, which is a Taoist temple managed by the Buddhist monks of the monastery.
Originally located along Orchard Road, Sri Vairavimada Kaliamman Temple relocated to Toa Payoh in 1982. The temple’s primary deity is Kali, whose sculpture occupies the central position in the temple’s majestic gopuram (entrance tower).
Completed in 1974, United Five Temples of Toa Payoh houses five temples founded during Toa Payoh's kampong past. This Taoist temple was the first in Singapore to bring together temples from different Chinese dialect groups and enshrining different deities within one compound.
Toa Payoh Seu Teck Sean Tong enshrines Song Da Feng as its primary deity and has practiced Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian traditions since its establishment in 1942. It also includes a facility that houses ancestral tablets and a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic which provides free medical care to all, regardless of race or religion.
Opened in 1977, Masjid Muhajirin was the first to be built with support from the community and the Mosque Building Fund, which comprises contributions from working Muslims across Singapore.
The Church of the Risen Christ was established in 1971 and has traditionally offered Mass in English, Mandarin and Tamil. In recent decades, it has also drawn parishioners from Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines.
Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church has its roots in a free clinic and kindergarten established by a group of Christians in the late 1960s. The church building was constructed in 1973 using funds raised by the Methodist community.
Since the kampong past of Toa Payoh, the banyan tree where the Tree Shrine at Block 177 is located has been regarded as sacred. Today, the shrine is dedicated to the Taoist deities Tian Gong, Guan Yin, Datuk Kong and Tua Pek Kong.

This is a self-guided trail.

From its kampong past to the present, religious institutions have been an enduring presence in Toa Payoh. This trail takes you to the temples, mosques, churches and institutions that represent the diverse communities which lived, worked and worshipped in Toa Payoh.


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