Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA)


At the time of writing, Block 1 Beatty Road houses the Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA), a self-help group for Singapore’s Indian community. The building was once the home of Beatty Integrated Primary School.
Block 1 Beatty Road Singapore 209943
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Opened in 1962, Beatty Integrated Primary School was a four-storey building with 36 classrooms meant for 3,000 pupils. On its first enrolment, the school had a promising start with 2,500 students.

In the early 1990s, more families in the neighbourhood moved to newer housing estates. Enrolment figures dropped drastically: only 200 students enrolled in the last few years before the school eventually closed in 1995.

The remaining pupils started the new school year in Cambridge Primary School and the building on Beatty Road became vacant. Not long after, the Singapore Indian Development Association’s (SINDA) took over the building and set up its headquarters there.

SINDA is a Self-Help Group established in 1991 to uplift the socio-economic status of the Indian Community in Singapore. For more information on SINDA, please refer to

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