Maha Sasanaramsi Burmese Buddhist Temple
14 Tai Gin Road
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Maha Sasanaramsi Burmese Buddhist Temple was completed in 1991 and serves Singapore’s Burmese Buddhist community. The temple was originally established in 1878 at Kinta Road off Serangoon Road by a Burmese named U Thar Hnin (also known as Tang Sooay Chin).

The Kinta Road temple was a place of worship for the local Burmese Buddhist community until the mid-1980s when its site was earmarked for redevelopment.  In 1986, the temple was granted this plot of land at Tai Gin Road, and relocated to its current site in 1988.

The architecture of the temple reflects a blend of traditional Burmese elements and modern features. The building’s tiered roof features intricate carvings made from Burmese teak. Its main hall houses a 3.3-metre-high Buddha statue carved from a 10-tonne marble block found near Mandalay, Burma, in 1918. The statue was originally enshrined in the Kinta Road temple in 1921 and is the largest known marble Buddha statue outside Myanmar.

The temple organises talks and classes  about Buddhism. Worshippers also gather at the temple during major festivals  such as Abhidhamma Day (day when Buddha descended from Tavatimsa Heaven), Hta Ma Ne Pwe (Harvest Festival), Thin Gyan (Myanmar New Year, also known as Water Festival) and Vesak Day.

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