Balestier Point
279 Balestier Road
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Balestier Point was one of the first high-rise developments along Balestier Road when it was completed in 1986.  Designed by architect Chan Fook Pong, this 18-storey building was originally called Central Plaza Complex  by its developers Central Plaza Development.

Balestier Point was designed as a mixed-use building with shops and eateries on the lower levels and residences on the higher floors. On the ground floor, Chan took inspiration from the five-foot way of traditional shophouses by creating a series of hollow cubes that frame a sheltered walkway.

Balestier Point’s design was inspired by Habitat 67, a housing complex in Montreal, Canada, created by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie. The building’s upper portion takes the form of cubical modules that resemble stacked Lego blocks. These modules are arranged in a stepped manner, which provides each household with its own private terrace.

Before Balestier Point was built, this site was occupied by Ruby Cinema, which opened in 1958. Nearby were two other popular cinemas: Hoover, which opened in 1960, and President, which opened in 1973. Hoover and President were redeveloped in 1996-99 into the present Shaw Plaza.

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