Masjid Huda
34 Jalan Haji Alias S(268534)
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Masjid Al-Huda, formerly known as Masjid Kampong Coronation after the nearby kampong on Coronation Road, was constructed in 1925. It was central to the community life of Muslim villagers living in kampongs (“village” in Malay) in the vicinity, including the former Kampong Tempe, Kampong Chantek, Kampong Banjir, and Kampong Holland.

The mosque was built on land donated by Hindu landowner Navena Choona Narainan Chitty in 1905. It was originally constructed using wood and featured a multi-tiered roof similar to traditional mosques found in Java, Indonesia, thereby reflecting the Javanese heritage of the villagers of Kampong Tempe.

During the early 1960s, the community came together to raise funds to rebuild the mosque in brick and concrete. Some of these fund-raising efforts included collecting proceeds from the sales of tempeh (a fermented soy bean cake that Kampong Tempe was known for), members of the community contributing part of their salaries and street hawkers volunteering to collect donations. As a result of the community’s efforts, the new mosque was completed in 1966.

In 2015, Masjid Al-Huda underwent another renovation which included the expansion of the prayer hall and the installation of a heritage gallery. The aforementioned gallery focuses on the history of the mosque and showcases photographs and artefacts including a kentong (a cylindrical drum traditionally used for the call to prayer).