Colouring Sheets and Online Storytelling of "A Narrow Escape: The Fearless Twins and the Magical Kaleido"

Not sure how to keep your children occupied during the school holidays?

Try out these colouring sheets from the Preservation of Sites and Monuments’ very own publication, “A Narrow Escape: The Fearless Twins and the Magical Kaleido", and enjoy some fun facts related to the featured National Monuments while you colour!

Or let our storyteller take you through the book, with our online storytelling video.

Watch: A Narrow Escape

Book synopsis: Take a ride with Toby, Tammy and their fun-loving Uncle Al. Armed with an incredible magical device, the twins swoop back in time to Singapore in 1935. Set against the backdrop of Singapore’s most awe-inspiring buildings, the twins end up with an adventure they didn’t bargain for. Will they escape in time?

This book is available for purchase in Museum Label Stores and from our online distributor.

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