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  • Presents: The Move

    mount wallich2

    The painting that depicts a view of Singapore from Mount Wallich is temporarily moved from its home at the National Museum of Singapore to the Asian Civilisations Museum for its special exhibition, "Port Cities: Multicultural Emporiums of Asia". Hear from the curators about the significance of this painting.

  • Presents: The Mythical Origins of Singapura

    Mythical Origins of Singapura thumbnail

    There are many mysteries surrounding the Kingdom of Singapura. Connect the dots as we retrace history to unravel 'The Mythical Origins of Singapura'.

  • Presents: The Revere Bell

    Paul Revere

    This Revere Bell is the only one of hundreds produced by the Revere Copper Company that is outside of the United States.

  • Presents: The Story of Raffles

    The Story of Raffles thumbnail

    In Episode 1, we kick things off with the man responsible for our nation's new beginnings as modern Singapore. Who was Sir Stamford Raffles before he ever set foot on our soil?

  • Singapore and the World Programme Series 2017: The Cold War and the Making of Singapore

    Photograph depicting the fourth anniversary celebrations of Singapore’s self-independence at City Hall. Image courtesy of the National Museum of Singapore, National Heritage Board.

    This special edition of Singapore and the World celebrates the crossroads of Singapore’s national history with regional and global history. Professor Tan Tai Yong retraces Singapore’s progress from a Crown Colony to an independent nation in 1963, against the background of a global climate defined by the polarisation between capitalist and communist countries, commonly referred to as the Cold War. The lecture presents the geo-political considerations which influenced the political developments that led to the independence of Singapore, highlighting an important period in Singapore and the region’s history that continues to resonate today.

  • Sungei Road Flea Market by National Archives of Singapore

    Sungei road by NAS

    In 2016, the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) conducted video interviews from 15 vendors at Sungei Road Flea Market, including both long-time vendors and some younger ones, on their experiences in the flea market.

  • Tales from Telok Ayer

    Tales from Telok Ayer

    Telok Ayer Street is one of the oldest roads in Singapore and was once the coastline and the first landing point for migrants who arrived by sea.

  • The Battle for Singapore

    Battle for Singapore

    In the second installment of 'The Fall of Singapore' mini-series, the Japanese begins their invasion of Singapore. Watch how the battles went down.

  • The Rites and Rituals of Bukit Brown Cemetery

    The Rites and Rituals of Bukit Brown Cemetery

    Located in the central area of Singapore, bordering Lornie Road and parts of the Pan-Island Expressway, Bukit Brown Cemetery (BBC) was the first Chinese municipal cemetery in colonial Singapore.

  • The Singapore Strategy

    Singapore Strategy

    After WWI, the British constructed a huge naval base at Sembawang, but the battle fleet could not be housed there due to economic reasons. As a compromise, they would only send their main battle fleet from the Atlantic to the Asia-Pacific when a threat was imminent. This was known as the Singapore Strategy.

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