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  • Presents: The Revere Bell

    Paul Revere

    This Revere Bell is the only one of hundreds produced by the Revere Copper Company that is outside of the United States.

  • Presents: The Jackson Plan

    jackson plan

    Lieutenant Philip Jackson was thought to be the first engineer and land surveyor in the colony of Singapore during his time. In 1822, he was commissioned by Stamford Raffles to draw up a town plan of Singapore. The urban plan was organised according to land use and the different communities.

  • Presents: The Move

    mount wallich2

    The painting that depicts a view of Singapore from Mount Wallich is temporarily moved from its home at the National Museum of Singapore to the Asian Civilisations Museum for its special exhibition, "Port Cities: Multicultural Emporiums of Asia". Hear from the curators about the significance of this painting.

  • Presents: Amoy & Fuzhou: A History in Paintings

    Chinese Export Paintings thumbnail

    Amoy and Fuzhou, the subjects of many late 19th century Chinese export paintings, make up a fair bit of Singapore's history. What did these three places/provinces have in common for a shared past?

  • Presents: The Hongs of Canton

    hongs of canton

    Retrace the history of trade between China and the West through intricate paintings on the 'hong bowl'.

  • Presents: The Mythical Origins of Singapura

    Mythical Origins of Singapura thumbnail

    There are many mysteries surrounding the Kingdom of Singapura. Connect the dots as we retrace history to unravel 'The Mythical Origins of Singapura'.

  • Presents: The Story of Raffles

    The Story of Raffles thumbnail

    In Episode 1, we kick things off with the man responsible for our nation's new beginnings as modern Singapore. Who was Sir Stamford Raffles before he ever set foot on our soil?

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