HistoriaSG Public Lecture Series 2017: Lecture V (Religions in Singapore: A Historical Overview)

Religions in Singapore: A Historical Overview

Lecture by Professor Bruce Lockhart, National University of Singapore
National Museum of Singapore
27 May 2017

Singapore’s present-day multi-religious environment has two hundred years of history behind it. Each of the various religious traditions in the city-state has its own story and its own place in Singapore’s historical narrative. This talk will give an overview of history of religion in Singapore, looking at the five largest groups – Islam, Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism and Christianity – and the major landmarks in their growth here. Of particular interest is how several of the traditions have grown and expanded beyond the particular ethnic groups that first introduced them to Singapore.

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About the speaker

Bruce Lockhart is Associate Professor in the History Department at the National University of Singapore. His area of specialisation is the history of mainland Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. One of his strong interests is teaching the history of Asian culture and religion; he offers undergraduate courses in the history of Southeast Asian Buddhism and global Christianity.

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HistoriaSG is a lecture series that focuses on important but lesser-known aspects of Singapore’s history. With in-depth presentations by local and international academics on a range of topics viewed through a variety of lens from business to science and technology, the environment and specific communities, the series sheds new light on Singapore’s culture, history and heritage. Organised by the National Museum of Singapore, HistoriaSG is part of the museum’s efforts to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of Singapore’s history. Please visit National Museum of Singapore's website for information on upcoming lectures.

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