Side Chair

The legs and rails of this beautifully carved 17th century ebony chair feature a double spiral twist which is characteristic of Elizabethan furniture. Yet it also has birds and floral motifs which are Indian in inspiration. The motifs in the wood carving are derived from Hindu mythology as depicted in the temples of south India and include those drawn from the plant or animalworld. A distinguishing feature of this type of carving is the symmetry of the opposing figures and the comprehensive background decoration. The two finials represent lions holding shields and these are brilliantly executed. Such mixed-style Indo-European furniture was made in many parts of India and exported to the west.

1650 - 1680
Coromandel Coast, India
Object size: 100 x 48.5 x 45 cm
Accession No.
Ebony, ivory and cane
Collection of
Indian Heritage Centre