Embroidered Cloth

The embroidery of Swat and Hazara in north Pakistan employs geometric motifs in its embroidery of articles of daily use. Its distinctive characteristic is the vivid pink of the silk floss thread used to create patterns including triangles, diamond shapes, chevrons and medallions. The basic fabric is black cotton and sometimes white. The embroidery of the Swat region can be compared to the phulkari embroidery of the Punjab region; the latter using a more varied colour palette due to greater access to the rest of the world and trading networks with South and East Asia. Swati work also employs the technique of voiding in combination with shocking pink thread embroidery. This is a fine example of Swat creation using the voiding technique.

20th century
Swat Valley, South Asia
Object size: 90.0 x 46.0 cm
Accession No.
Silk thread on cotton
Collection of
Indian Heritage Centre