Wedding of Mr & Mrs Khoo Eng Huat/Taken at the Khoo Khongsi on the 27th of February, 1923 (12th Day of 1st Moon, Year of the Water Pig)

This photograph records Mr and Mrs Khoo Eng Huat on the 3rd day of their wedding. The bridal couple is dressed in elaborate Chinese wedding robes for the occasion and stand in front of the historic Khoo Kongsi in Penang. A hand-written caption notes:“Wedding of Mr and Mrs Khoo Eng Huat at the Khoo Kongsi on the 27th of February, 1923. (12th day of 1st Moon, Year of the water pig)”.This photo is part of a large group of framed photographs which provides important visual documentation of the fashion, studio photography and lifestyle of Peranakans of the Straits Settlements and Indonesia in the late 19th to mid 20th centuries. Studio photography possibly reached Singapore and the region in the mid 1800s, and Peranakans were among the earliest clients.

Frame size: 49.5 x 39.5 x 2.5 cm, Image size: 28.5 x 23.4 cm, Image size: 44.4 x 34.2 cm (Mount size)
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Peranakan Museum
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Gift of Mr and Mrs Lee Kip Lee
Photographs and Negatives