Spiral Supermart (after Brodsky & Utkin), from the series "Second-Hand City"

Second-Hand City is comically tragic and yet philosophically insightful in its treatment of urban development issues encountered by cities on the move, literally, figuratively and metaphorically. Like ten episodes of a serialized graphic novel where the characters are the buildings themselves, imagined architectures become pseudo-alien architectonical types with individualized anthromorphological behaviorial characteristics. A metaphysical commentary on the ‘life-cycles of architectural and urban systems’, the artist dwells upon the fate of humanity in a manneristic style that is ‘playful and cheeky, erudite and thought-provoking’.Michael Lee (b.1972, Singapore) is an artist and curator based in Berlin (june 2012-) and Singapore. His research revolves around urban memory and fiction, especially regarding the contexts and implications of loss. He has staged solo exhibitions in Hong Kong and Singapore and participated in group exhibitions like the 2nd Asia Triennial Manchester 2011, The 3rd Singapore Biennale 2011, The 8th Shanghai Biennale 2010, The 4th & 3rd Guangzhou Triennial 2011 & 2008. His accolades include the APBF Signature Art Prize 2011 (People’s Choice Award), conferred by the Singapore Art Museum, and the Young Artist Award (Visual Arts) 2005, conferred by the National Arts Council, Singapore. He received his Master and Bachelor of Communication Studies from Nanyang Technological University in 2001 and 1997 respectively.

Artist Name
Michael Lee
2010 - 2011
Image size: 122.5 x 122.8 cm
Accession No.
Digital Print on archival paper
Collection of
Singapore Art Museum