Bridal robe

This is an example of a bridal ceremonial costume worn during the traditional 12 day Peranakan Chinese wedding. It is a T-shaped garment with broad, straight sleeves that are broad, heavy and long. It is possibly made of silk, and richly embroidered with auspicious symbols in silk and gold thread couching. At the centre of the piece is a bright lotus flower which symbolises elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and grace, virtues considered as ideal female attributes. Other motif on this piece includes the goldfish which symbolises abundant wealth. The bride was expected to strike a formal pose which required her to fold her hands in front of her and adjust the ends of the two sleeves in such a way that one slips into the other.These embroidered garments were usually done in China by skilled, professional embroiderers and then exported to their Straits Chinese customers.

Early 20th century
Gross measurement: 101 x 181.5 cm
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Asian Civilisations Museum
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