Tobacco box

This tobacco box with ribbed sides is decorated with embossed floral motif.It was hung from or tucked in the belt of the wearer. It could also be attached to silk cloths that were worn over the shoulder with the pendant article hung in front. It served as portable sireh set as it was made to hold tobacco along with sliced areca nuts or betel quid when the user was travelling outside the home.Shreds of tobacco were rolled into little ball and slipped under the upper lip to provide change of flavour in the mouth and to clean the teeth. Though it does not form part of the betel quid, fine shredded tobacco leaves were added occasionally. Tobacco boxes were cast, both for domestic and travelling purposes, and it inadvertently became part of betel chewing paraphernalia.

Indigenous Name
Early 20th century
Lambor, Perak, Malay Peninsula
Object size: H4.2 x Dia6.4cm
Accession No.
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum