Procession Idol, General Fan

Known as General Fan, this is one half of the pair of the procession idols of the Black and White Faces of Impermanence (Heibai Wuchang). These idols are identified by their terrifying countenance and long tongues as both died from drowning.They are guardian gods of the City God. These idols are paraded during the birthday procession of the City God. It is believed when death is imminent, these generals will appear to guide one through various stages of hell’s journey. They are also popularly regarded as gods of wealth, blessing devotees with luck for the lottery.

c. 2002
Taiwan, Republic of China
Object size: H: 220 x W: 93 x D: 68 cm
Accession No.
Mixed Media (Wood, Wire, Textile etc).
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum
Credit Line
Xiahai City God Temple, (Ms Chen Wen Wen)
Folklife Collection