Orchard Road Presbyterian Church


Orchard Road Presbyterian Church
3 Orchard Road Singapore 238825
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The Orchard Road Presbyterian Church was constructed in 1878.

However, its origins date back to the early colonial periods of Singapore, when the East India Company (EIC) contributed funds to build a worship hall, which later became the Mission Chapel.

The followers of the Mission Chapel, who were predominantly Scottish working for the EIC, held a meeting in 1822 with the objective of establishing the first local Presbyterian congregation.

The congregation was subsequently established in 1856, with the arrival of Reverend Thomas McKenzie Fraser in Singapore.

The land where the present-day church stands was awarded on 6 May 1875 to Reverend William Dale. Subsequently, the foundation stone for the church was laid in 1877.

The church was completed the following year and had a congregation of 42 members. A Sunday school hall and servants' quarters were added in 1953, while the Church Hall was extended in 1954.

In 1985, the church was expanded further with the construction of the Dunman Hall.

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