Queensway Shopping Centre


Queenstown Shopping Centre
1 Queensway, Singapore 149053
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Queensway Shopping Centre is one of Singapore’s first multi-purpose shopping complexes alongside Golden Mile and Katong. The shopping complex was opened in 1974 to provide shopping and recreational options for residents in Queenstown. It comprised a four-storey shopping centre, a basement car park, offices, and a 13-storey apartment tower.

Designed in the Modern style, the shopping centre is characterised by its octagonal façade and central sunken concourse which offers maximum and dual frontage shop units with display windows at two levels. There were also provisions for over 200 shops, a large emporium, an exhibition hall, a coffee house and a night club. Singapore’s first public escalators were also installed at the shopping centre.

A mention of the name “Queensway Shopping Centre” and rows of sports equipment shops immediately come to mind. Today, the Shopping Centre continues to be a favourite haunt for students, families and bargain hunters from all over Singapore searching for sporting goods, engravers, photocopiers and men’s tailor shops.