What is Roots.sg?

Presented with an opportunity to revamp the Singapore National Collection website in 2014, the National Heritage Board (NHB) embarked on an ambitious journey to develop a heritage resource content bank that would become a key pillar of its digital engagement strategy. This presentation shares how the challenges of bringing together seemingly diverse resources into a single digital portal were overcome and charts future directions for Roots.sg, Singapore’s heritage resource portal.

Roots.sg was conceived to bring the content of Singapore’s National Collection, National Monuments, NHB’s heritage trails, historic sites, and other NHB-developed heritage resources, such as videos and documentaries, together in a single, one-stop heritage portal. The aim was simple – to provide greater and easier access for anyone to our rich repository of heritage resources. To do so however, involved the cataloguing of more than 100,000 artefacts and multimedia resources in a comprehensive and holistic manner on to one single digital platform.

A key driver in our digital engagement strategy, Roots.sg content is regularly shared on NHB’s Facebook page, sparking conversations and engagement with heritage. The goal for Roots.sg is to be the foremost digital concierge for people wanting to delve into Singapore’s heritage, and to be synonymous with “Google” for everything related to Singapore’s history, heritage and culture.

What can I find on Roots.sg?

On Roots.sg, you can find resources on

  • Singapore's National Collection
  • National Monuments
  • Heritage Trails
  • Historic Sites
  • Publications & Multimedia
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage

Please enjoy exploring our website.

Do I need to login in order to use Roots.sg?

There is no need to log in, the search feature will work without login.