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Rodolfo Paras-Perez (1934-2011) or Rod. Paras-Perez, as he frequently used in texts he authored, is a respected Philippine artist and art historian. In the 1960s, Paras-Perez created illuminated collages, made of acrylic-dyed rice paper pressed between glass and lighted from behind. They were seen as quite experimental for its time, using static light to expose and highlight the layers composing the collage. The works combine the growing influence of collage with an early experimentation with using lighting as a medium. As collages of various layers of coloured paper, the works are also abstract, in line with the vogue of abstract art at that time. The abstract form and the effort to expose the collage process through lighting provides visual intrigue and elicits more thinking on the part of the viewer on composition and method. Paras-Perez has said, “an image should be ambiguous enough to slide into several meanings. In a collage, one can use several layers of forms to sustain interest.”