This bowl is painted in cobalt blue and black with a central stellar medallion composed of floral petals. Surrounding the medallion are scrolling vine set on a blue and black dotted background. The rim is further decorated with a band of hatching interpresed with geometric cartouches. It is an interesting cross-cultural example with regards to Iranian ceramics. It happened under a transitional period between the fall of the Ilkhanids and the rise of the Safavid dynasty at the beginning of the 16th century. Innovations and new types of ceramics were introduced due to the presence of the Mongols and the influence of Chinese art to Iranian artists. This type of ware was generally made of earthenware and was covered with a ground white slip on which the decoration was painted in bi-chrome, namely black and blue. The shape, style, and even the techniques have changed considerably as compared to the earlier Kashan and Nishapur ware. The decorative style was based on floral and geometrical motifs and underglaze painting was the dominant technique.